A World class Personal & Marketing credentials storage and retrieval solution

Do I need Credential Manager?

This system has its roots in a site we engineered in 2002...

Now, we have brought it into a Social World and it's an AMAZING storage and retrieval system!

This is not just a user/pass manager, it provides a powerful storage & retrieval filter for your Marketing Credentials too!

  1. Unlimited username & password (Encrypted) for each site activation
  2. Unlimited Affiliate links for each site activation
  3. Unlimited Banner/Embed Code for each activation
  4. Unlimited Email associations for each site activation
  5. Large Notes section (100,000+ Characters) for each site activation
  6. Start-Page button to associate with any link for each site activation
  7. WHOIS Information on ALL Websites in the database
  8. Login button to take you to the site members area for each site activation
You will be able to store your blog links, your banner embed code, your video Youtube links & embed code, your group links, the email addresses you use for the site activated, and so much more.

Imagine never having a Credential Management ISSUE! You will have EVERYTHING at your fingertips AND... your Credentials are CENTRALIZED and in the clouds available to ANY device you are on with a responsive system. You will only need to remember ONE set of credentials and that is to get logged into your Credential Manager.

World Class Credential Manager

MISSION: Our mission is simple and that is to give you a process to CENTRALIZE your Business.

VISION: Our vision is that Business men & women on the Internet, Webmasters, Affiliates & Website Admins can BENEFIT from a tailor made system for you. You will have ALL your Marketing credentials at your fingertips through a cloud based Social system that is safe and secure.


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